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Our goal is to enable people to make informed decisions about their systems by allowing them to gather, review, and analyze (ie: measure) information about those systems and to give them control over that information in both an analytic and an accessibility sense(1). Early in our formation, systems mainly referred to energy usage in a residential or commercial setting.

However, that vision has grown broader and is not now limited to power consumption measurements alone, but includes power generation measurements and other targets such as environmental variables that, when combined together, provide a more detailed analysis of the systems being studied. We designed ECOP to be a flexible, extensible platform for doing this type of work and our mission is to continually push it in that direction, to make it applicable to as many purposes as possible, within the scope of measuring and monitoring residential and commercial systems.

(1) We have found that the detailed information gathered while monitoring energy consumption can reveal important information about personal habits and patterns that (we think) should not be accessible in any way to un-trusted entities. Controlling accessibility lets you determine not only who can see your data, but also where it is stored, how long it stays there, and for what other purposes it can be used. Other attempts to do energy monitoring store the information they gather on centralized servers and do not give the user a choice about where it goes. It is our view that this model will drive commoditization of that data and potentially compromise its security..

Absolute Power & Control is a small company dedicated to quality products. Our focus is on creating strong relationships with our customers and using their feedback to ensure we are solving their monitoring and control problems rather than problems we perceive they have. We want to encourage open dialog about our company and products so that we can make informed decisions as we strive to stay on the bleeding edge. As you will see, our policies are driven by this goal and some of them are non-traditional in the software industry.

We started Absolute Power & Control after realizing there was a lack of knowledge in the typical household about how, where, and when energy is consumed. After reading studies that indicate that having this knowledge can (and does) increase efficiency, and thinking about the effects that this information could have if it was readily available to everyone, we decided to make it possible for anyone to gain it.

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